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Our new budget range amiibo's work in the exact same way as our standard ones just without the frills. You will receive your amiibo's printed on one side only with the name of the villager you choose as shown in the photo's, these will not come in a case or with glitter.

These Amiibo Coins will allow you to invite the new villagers to your campsite and add them to your island.

My Amiibo Coins work in exactly the same way as an Amiibo Card. If you're new to Amiibo's, follow this easy guide to get your villager.
Go to your resident services, at your ABD machine select 'Invite a camper' Hold up the Amiibo Coin to the NFC touchpoint on the right thumbstick of your controller when indicated and hold until the game sees it. Then run as fast as you can to your campsite to welcome your new guest and fulfil their request.
This will need to be done 3 days running and then your camper will ask to move to your island!

Each coin is tried and tested before posting.

The front of the coin will have their name on for easy selection!

Animal Crossing Amiibo Coins F-J - Budget Range

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